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a) To give food, clothing, medicine, cash grants and any other help that may be necessary to the poorn and
afflicted people in distress, affected by natural calamities such as earthquake, flood, famine etc.,

b) Free Medical Camps for rural people.

c) To help the blind people to have vision by Eye Donation scheme

d) To help and rehabilitate drug addicts and persons suffering from AIDS and for persons suffering from

e) To support widow, widower, divorced orphans and aged through self employment homes and

f) To educate about the HIV/AIDS awareness.

g) Free Medical Camps for rural people.

h) Free Ambulance Service & Medical Services for needing people.

i) Establishment, support and maintain Pre-primary, Primary Secondary Schools, Colleges, Institutions,
Teacher Training Institutes, B.Ed., College, Arts Colleges, Polytechnic, Law Colleges, Centers imparting Secular
Education for all and more particularly in the field of Medicines, Health, Engineering Information,
Communication, Electricals, Electronics and Law.

j) Establishment and support of scholarships prizes fellow ships at any recognized School, College University
or any approved educational Institutions.

k) Establishment and support of Hostels and Boarding Houses for the benefit and use of poor, needy and
deserving students, providing boarding and lodging upon such terms and conditions and for such period for
each case as the Trustees may think proper.

l) Provide school uniform or clothing and educational instruments, appliances, books, notebooks and other
educational materials to those poor, needy deserving students who cannot afford and have no means to
undertake and prosecute such studies but who are desirous of continuing their further studies and
undertaking research work.

m) Establishment of centres for rendering affordable/subsidized/free service for prevention, control,
treatment and relief for Eye, mental retardness and other human diseases especially in rural
area/semi/urban area in one or more places as also establishment and running of research / educational
centre in the field of Eye/Mental Retardness/Healthcare or disciplines related there to.

n) To establish organize, set up, maintain, manage, run, conduct, and to support, assist or aid hospitals,
nursing homes, dispensaries, clinics, health centers, convalescent houses, creches medical centers, including
auxiliary units for reception and treatment of persons suffering from physical or mental illness or for
providing medical and allied facilities to persons during convalescence and for taking care of persons
requiring medical attention and rehabilitation.

o) To grant donation to Dispensaries, Hospitals, Nursing Homes, Orphanages and such public medical
Institutions giving medical aid to needy people upon such terms and conditions and for such period as the
Trustees may deem fit.

p) To render help or support either in kind or cash to hospitals, maternity homes, sanatorium and

q) Water Management and Ground water savings,

r) Rural and Urban Economical Development, Placement cell, Employmentations.

s) To organise and run creche, Kindergarten Schools and coaching classes for higher secondary schools
students to facilitate educational and institutuion`s.

t) To promote computer education,

u) To perform cultural programmes on various issues that affects the community so as to create awareness
among the people.

v) To publish newspapers or periodicals in any language of and social, cultural and educational nature;

w) To acquire, construct and maintain buildings to advance the objects mentioned above;

x) To purchase, sell, transfer, construct, manufacture, take on lease or otherwise acquire through donations
the rights property for facilitating any of the achievements of any of the above objects.

y) To establish and maintain choulteries, Rest Houses, Orphanages, Poor Homes, Creche, rehabilitation
centers for the benefit of the poor and destitutes. To render all relief services to affected persons in natural
events like rain, earthquakes, fire, accident, flood, etc.,

z) To collect , receive, accept, donations, grants, both from local and abroad as per Foreign Contributions
Regulation Act, to achieve the above objects.

aa) To establish old age homes and homes for the street children.

bb) To construct and maintain drinking water projects.

cc) To undertake Rural Development programmes for the upliftment of society and initiate research and
studies in areas related to rural development, environment, agriculture, horticulture, farming and any other
subject for the benefit of the public.

dd) To work in co-ordination with any other Trust or institutions having similar aims and objectives, aid, assist
other agencies or to undertake any activity entrusted or delegated to it by effectively carrying out such
activities, in whole or in part as per the capabilities.

ee) To promote wasteland development programmes, society forestry and tree planting programmes to set
up nurseries.

ff) Receiving loans from State/Central Government, Private, lending Institutions, banks and other source of
income generation development activities and may lend loan to SHG and the poor public for the income
generation programs and development of their slandered of living.

gg) The Funds and income of the trust shall be solely utilized towards the objects of the trust and no portion
of it shall be utilized for payment to office bearers/members by way of profit, interest, dividends, etc.

hh) It is specifically provided that none of the objects of the Trust aforesaid shall involve the carrying on or
any business or activity for profit.

ii) To help the blind people to have vision by Eye Donation Schemes.

jj) To help and rehabilitate drug addicts and persons suffering from AIDS and for persons suffering from

kk) To support widow, widower, divorced orphans and aged through self employment homes and

ll) Free Ambulance Service & Medical Services for needing people.

mm) To engage in any other activity which has not between specifically mentioned so far, which shall
promote the Trust primary objective of physical, mental social and moral development of all people without
any distinction of caste, creed, colour or community.






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